Trying to decide whether to hire a Virtual Assistant? Here are some thoughts…

CV Bell - OfficeHelp Virtual Assistant

  • A Virtual Assistant (VA) can take over the day-to-day administrative/accounting tasks that keep you from focusing on providing superior products and services to your customers. Increase your efficiency as a business owner!
  • The right VA can become integral to your team, helping your business run more smoothly, efficiently, and ultimately contributing positively to your company’s bottom line. Hiring a VA helps increase revenue by allowing you to spend your time on the tasks that generate income.
  • Reduce your overhead. Hiring a VA means you carry none of the expenses associated with a full- or part-time employee. As independent contractors, we take care of our own taxes, Social Security and Medicare payments. You won’t be charged for lunch, coffee, or bathroom breaks, private calls or time spent socializing. You won’t be charged if we are sick or on vacation or for the use or maintenance of office space or equipment. You will not be charged for “down time”, only for the time spent productively working on your tasks and the materials purchased to complete your tasks. (Materials are billed at cost, e.g. postage, stationery, CDs etc.)
  • Your company is represented appropriately! VAs are business owners themselves. We offer years of experience working for and with demanding executives and entrepreneurs. Consequently, interactions with your team and customers are handled professionally and competently.

  • Today’s business culture requires a strongly branded web presence. A VA can help you create and service your website, maintain your payroll & accounting requirements, write copy for your blogs and social media sites, prepare marketing materials, and so much more. All of it handled in a way that is true to your brand.

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